behind the bones…

meet mycalia

My name is Mycalia and I’m the one running this show. lovelybones paperie was built with passion and I am so excited to share it with you! I spent most of my career as a graphic designer rolling out magazine layouts, creating multi-level marketing collateral, developing brands, and designing websites. I had a nice run, but I never felt totally fulfilled by it. Enter letterpress. I rediscovered letterpress in the Summer of 2017 and knew in an instant that I had found my calling. I slowly began to integrate this old-school print method into my life, personally and professionally, determined to become a printer. And, one sunny day in 2018, as luck would have it, the cookie crumbled, so, I followed the crumbs.

I LOVE letterpress. If you know me personally you know that I’m not enthusiastic about much, but lucky for you (and me, let’s be real), I’m SUPER enthusiastic about press. After sitting behind a computer for years, it’s the out-of-the-box creativity and meticulous tactile process that makes letterpress so valuable to me. The cotton paper, soft, and smooth to the touch. The excitement of hand-mixing inks with adorable little spatulas and Pantone Formula Guides. The oiling can. OH, THE OILING CAN! The list goes on.

Stationery isn’t just cute pieces of paper to me. It’s an experience. I’m excited about every single project that I take on. My work isn’t intended to be trendy - it’s intended to be personal and purposeful. The beauty of letterpress should be celebrated and I look forward to sharing my labor of love with you.

xo, Mycalia

“i aim to create pieces that make you feel like you’re holding a piece of yourself in your hand.” - mycalia athanas | owner