letterpress with purpose

As a printer with a heavy focus in the wedding industry, keeping the big picture in mind has become one of the core values here at lovelybones paperie. My mission is to give purpose to letterpress by being environmentally conscious and giving back to non-profit organizations that are making a difference.


respect ya motha’

lovelybones paperie is proud to be an environmentally-friendly printer! I work my hardest to remain energy-efficient by recycling, keeping the lights on using certified solar panels, and foregoing electric machinery. I hand measure and mix all of my Pantone ink colors and use only hand-powered machinery including a guillotine Chandler & Price paper cutter and a Chandler & Price Platen Press. Additionally, I only stock paper that is 100% cotton and/or FSC certified.


In an effort to reduce my carbon footprint, I will be donating all of my unused paper scraps to Art Form San Diego. Art Form San Diego is a local non-profit organization that utilizes recycled goods to foster creativity, ingenuity and problem solving through art education for local students. To learn more about Art Form San Diego or to make a donation, please visit them on the web.


girl power!

Founded in 2018 by Michelle Obama, the Global Girls Alliance is an empowering initiative of the Obama Foundation dedicated to providing and prioritizing educational opportunities for adolescent girls around the world. By offering the support, platform, and resources needed for grassroots leaders to continue uplifting society, the Global Girls Alliance allows girls to reach their full potential inside the classroom, at home with their families, and out in their communities.


In support of providing worldwide educational opportunities for young girls and empowering communities both near and far, lovelybones is proud to offer an exclusive line of paper goods dedicated to the Global Girls Alliance. 100% of all proceeds from this line will be donated to the Global Girls Alliance GoFundMe on behalf of lovelybones paperie.